PopStar hits 400M audience at the start of 2020

January 22, 2020

PopStar, Southeast Asia’s fastest growing and largest influencer platform with over 240,000 influencers, has reached 400,000,000 ++ audience on all social media platforms within its a year and a half function in the influencer marketing industry.

This result is an accumulative effort from both of its offices in Indonesia and Philippines, which started its operations in 2018 respectively.

With the increase of its total audience parallel to the growth of its total influencers, PopStar can now connect its partners to even bigger communities and network via its influencers. Their communities vary from the travelers, fashion enthusiasts, beauty and skincare, food, lifestyle, parenting, entrepreneur, and other categories.

“We are excited about the continuous and rapid growth of our audience. This is great news for our partners as this means we can send their brand message across bigger networks, and for our influencers’ communities, whom we could also drive to join us in PopStar, providing them opportunities to create, improve their craft, and earn. This is why we do what we do in YOYO and Pop Digital Indonesia.” - Kara Angelli Flores, Marketing Communications Team Leader for YOYO

Over the course of its operation, PopStar has worked with top players both in the global and local industries, such as JCB, Max Fashions, Clas Mild, Wacoal, Jakarta Eye Center (JEC), Madurasa, kidzooona, Pocky, Kewpie, and other brands.

PopStar is an integrated digital influencer marketing platform of YOYO Holdings, a startup which aims to empower the next billions through digital marketing. YOYO Holdings initially launched several reward technologies applications, such as PopSlide, with total 3M download and achieved 1.2 PetaByte mobile airtime to users.

If you are interested to be one of PopStars, you may register via the PopStar website at www.pop-star.me or download the mobile application on Google Play Store or App Store.


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