December 20, 2019

We Are Ready to Parrrrrteee!

Ahoy, mate!

Welcome aboard the YOYO ship with its [uber] competitively dressed pirate ensemble!

Hi guys, it’s Pirate Kara! It was my first time to experience a YOYO Christmas party, and I gotta say, it was definitely a night to remember! I remember that it was filled with smiles, laughter, and exchange of amusement over each other’s pirate costume! And to think that weeks before the party everyone was exclaiming about how hard the theme was (how do you do a pirate costume??!) only to show up all legit pirate-approved! I am so proud.

Everyone rocked their costumes! It was a great sight. I guess, there’s only one more thing to say about our pirate OOTDs ---

We have arrrrrr-ived.

The theme for every Christmas party is decided on by last year’s Best Dressed winner. I think it was a lovely rule: put in the hard work, and get a chance to put everyone on hard work for the theme next year --- all good fun and camaraderie, of course! Hahaha

This year, the Pirate theme was gifted to us by none other than, the one, the only -- Wayne!

Congratulations, Wayne! You received a lot of expressions of how hard the theme was, but during the party everyone had a blast! Thank you for giving us the joy (and headache, kidding!) of being pirates for a night.

Are we going to talk about the Newbies presentation? Of course we are! As you might probably have heard and experienced, in every Christmas party of companies, the Newbies or employees contracted within the year is mandated to perform a particularly (embarrassing) creative, fun and out-of-the-box performance of their lives -- that’s all 9 of us brave souls. Hahahaha good times, good times.

The food was great, the energy was even greater during the games (shoutout to the teams who gave their A-game and to the organizers who made it all happen!) -- but when it was time for gift-giving you know what’s going down! We had 2 weeks of Secret Santa leading to this day. So far, we have done: 1) something useful when you are stuck in traffic, 2) something that makes you feel good, and 3) something witty. It was such a merry time giving and receiving gifts, more so when everyone was thanking their Secret Santas after opening theirs.

Aaaaaand then it was time to award the Best Dressed Pirate of the Night! She came in an Elizabeth Swann’s inspired fierceness, both in physical and attitude *snap snap*

Say hello to your new master-theme for next year’s Christmas parrrrty ---- @haztopss! Congratulations, baks! Well-deserrrrved!

And to cap off this celebration - a quick look back on the year that has been!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from YOYO. y’all!

See you all next year! May we all have a restful and wonderful merry-makings!



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