February 22, 2020

Sweet Letter from Michele: OMG! Internship in Digital Marketing? I’m So Excited!

“No road is too long when you're in a good company & meet good teamwork who makes the dream work.”

Favorite quote of Michele, Intern Social Media at Pop Digital Indonesia.

Michele Alexandra

Hi, I'm Michele. Social Media Specialist Intern at Pop Digital Indonesia. This is a record of my Internship stay, 3 months at one of the digital marketing startups in Jakarta. Enjoy! I hope my story can be meaningful to you and the whole Pop Digital Indonesia.

"Why did I intern at Pop Digital Indonesia?"

To fulfill the graduation requirements as a communications science graduate, I was required to take part in an internship program. At first, I was a little confused about what company I wanted to intern in. After thinking about it, an apprenticeship in an agency was quite interesting and I started searching on Google for a list of good agencies in Jakarta and I found Pop Digital Indonesia.

I sent my CV to Pop Digital Indonesia and after a few days, I was told that I had the opportunity to be a Social Media Specialist Intern. Hmm, its very interesting, considering who is not on social media nowadays, right?

I joined Pop Digital Indonesia on August 12, 2019, and my mentor was Arisa Mukharliza. Turns out, there were 2 of my friends who were positioned in the same division as me. We are from the same University, Multimedia Nusantara University and came from the same department, Strategic Communication. Can you imagine how it feels like to work with your campus friends? If you really want to experience work while playing, or work feels like playing, yep! That was my experience as an intern at this startup located in Bendungan Hilir. I’m so happy!

Social Media Interns at Pop Digital Indonesia
Left to Right: Grady Geraldy, Febiola Valenciana, Michele Alexandra

"As a social media specialist intern, what do I do?"

Since the beginning, I already have the idea that my task was to create social content and tadaaa! During my apprenticeship, my task was to make an editorial plan, create content, and create a caption for Optik Tunggal (one of the SMM PDI clients). Actually, I didn't expect that I would have to handle a brand directly, which I actually worked on it with my senior, Natasha. I occasionally made captions for other brands, such as Madurasa, Binus School, or Trisakti MM. and made copies of banners/posters and articles for Madurasa website. Wow, this is my first experience making articles, before I only tried to write a blog. But it was just for fun. Hehe.

"Uhm, the challenge as a social media specialist intern is uhmm...???"

The challenge that I got in the social media team is to have to use proper language or even fairly standard language, think creatively to create and determine content, and be patient with clients. Hehe. But the internship at Pop Digital Indonesia also has a lot of excitement, we streamed movies together, had lunch together, exciting events held every 3 months, YOYO Anniversary, and other fun stuff every day.

"I will definitely be so sad that my internship period at Pop Digital Indonesia ends ..."

If my internship period is over, I will definitely be missing a lot of exciting things I experienced here. Starting from streaming movies together or a moment of confession with the team. And this discussion was very "random" you know,-- we talked about work, college, until romance, hahaha. Then there's one more thing that I'm going to miss very much: snacking time that is always updated on a Slack channel and having a good convo with all the team on the 3rd floor, huhu, so sad.

"For me, Pop Digital Indonesia and everything in it, --it was very, very memorable. Thank you to all the seniors here."

The most memorable thing when I was at Pop Digital Indonesia, the people here are very kind and welcoming to me. Even though I'm just an intern, they treated me very well and made me feel special. I always wish for your success and I hope Pop Digital Indonesia will grow much more. No road is too long when you're with a good company. I am proud to be a part of the Pop Digital Indonesia & YOYO Holdings family. Thank you so much!

Lots of Love,
Michele Alexandra [Michele] 🙂


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