January 02, 2020

Parties in Paintballs!

The party never ends!

That's how we felt while we worked at Pop Digital Indonesia.

Last October, we went to Bangkok, Thailand for our company outing with all the PDI and YOYO members. And last December 19th, we had a Christmas and Year End Celebration with all the PDI members. And this time our ‘Party’ is playing paintball.

Hello, I’m Pep and I am part of the Tech and Innovation Team in PDI. And this is my team.

For many of us, that was our first time playing paintball. It was not an obstacle for us, as we love challenges. As we know, playing paintball requires strategy, teamwork, and mutual trust in each other to build a solid team and achieve goals.

Full of enthusiasm and with a winning mindset, as soon as we arrived at the venue, we changed to our war costumes and received our weapon after the briefing from the coach.

And we can’t wait to play!

As soon as the sirens sounded, the game began. Each game lasts for 20 minutes and two teams compete in each game. They began to move and show their actions. Shots were fired and bullets were flying, aiming to hit the enemy. Disperse, encircle, shoot, hide, attack, cover, excitement is inevitable. Adrenaline is increasingly mounting with the number of members who have been shot.

Tired, bruised, sweat, that are all we got with joy that is beyond words. It is not the trophy that we aim, but rather is fairness, healthy competition, and good communication between teams is something we strive to achieve to strengthen our solid teamwork.

Let us hear from the other team member:

Dita : So much fun

Elle : it’s a new experience that i'm glad i got to try with PDI members

Salvator : Exciting and the best game ever!

Fani : Super fun although I can’t move my feet the day after.

Rio : I enjoyed it so much! And my team almost won!

Wisnu: I learn so much from just one game! Teamwork, yay!

Party did not end here.

2020 will be a new adventure for us as a company and as individuals. New chapter will begin, and we are ready for it! Let's make colourful and wonderful year together! Because we are in a place where parties starts!

Happy Christmas and Happy Nu Year!

Cheers to more parties in 2020!


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