May 21, 2019

Hustle, Hit & Never Quit!

One thing we all have in common: we love to stay active. We make sure everyone is on top of their fitness game, we even have a slack channel specifically for wellness. Yes, yes we do. Luckily, we have legit badminton coaches in our team (hello Leo and Nina)! This encouraged our almost-consistent-after-work Monday Badminton Game. Say hello to the team!

All sweat, fun and endorphins for this team!

We start with a classic warm-up stretch followed by drills led by our teammates, Leo and Nina. We mean serious game, you guys. I mean, if you are going to play the game, might as well play it right, right? 🙂 You'll know what I mean when you watch this video. Go get it, team!

Work hard, play harder!

This is such a good break especially after working 8-straight-hours at the office. I bet there were times when you sit through the day to work on deliverables, not noticing you haven't moved at all. So a chance to stretch, run, hit, score and get friendly-competitive with each other is always welcome. Nothing like a good sweat to get you ready for another round of revisions the next day!

[L-R] Jamie and Wayne
[L-R] mPep and Marius
[L-R] Emir, Wayne, Nina, Leo, Jamie
This photo is giving me intense dose of endorphins!

Ah, what a breath of fresh air! We have another one scheduled this week already. Want to join us? You know where to find us! Can't wait to pick the racquet up again and hit it with my best shot!

[Always] not throwing away my shot,


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