October 23, 2019

DIGI KNOW? [What You Should Know About The First Session]

Hey yo! This is Jess Banzuela from YOYO’s Business Development PH team. My personal mission is to move people by making a positive difference through digital and what better way to give back by passing on our knowledge to those who are in need!

Last October 16, 2019, we conducted DIGI-KNOW: A Digital Marketing Session in KMC Cyber Sigma Co-working Space in Taguig. The seminar tackled about digital marketing catered to those who want to know the basics of it.

We had two sessions, one in the morning…

...and one in the afternoon!

Kim Cai, who’s heading the Business Development of YOYO PH Team led the presentation.

It was our first time to conduct a seminar and it was sure fulfilling to see hungry minds! To be honest, it was a challenge because at first in my mind, who will attend this kind of seminar if we’re only covering the fundamentals? It was great to see attendees from different fields like HR, BPO, start-ups, and even business owners who want to learn more about digital marketing!

It was when we spoke to the attendees that we learned their pain points, what they want to improve on, their vision and needs for their work or business! It’s a satisfying task to help them out. I’m excited to conduct more sessions in the next few months and I hope we see you there!

Here’s the whole Digi Know team (Cess, Jamie, me, Yosuke, Kim, Carl, and Hazel--- grateful for each of them!) with our CEO, Yosuke Fukada!

Here’s a couple more photos in-between breaks!

Great job, team! Let’s do it again next month! 💪💪💪

If you are looking for a [great] team to manage your business or are interested to know more of our services in YOYO, you can reach me at jessica.banzuela@yoyo-holdings.com. Let’s have coffee and discuss about digital growth opportunities!

DIGI KNOW-ingly yours,


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