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We believe that work should be fun and enjoyable. We don’t box individuals into some ideal mold, instead we let them grow and flourish as professionals, as people with unique personalities. A happy tummy means a happy employee so we take our meals and snacks seriously, so seriously that we always have good treats, not only on our lock screens but also in our pantry. Also, we always make sure to take a heathy dose of humor every day.

We are also each others extended family. We enjoy each other’s company even outside the workplace. After work, we have nights out and even game nights at the office.

We welcome each employee with open arms. We hold team buildings, office parties, even impromptu gatherings for lunch or dinner to welcome a new member of the company.

We play a lot, but we also work hard and like to challenge ourselves. We never stop exploring ways to improve and get better. We strengthen our bonds by proposing new initiatives, tackling new challenges that will help us come together more as a team. We really value continuous education and professional growth, we encourage attending conferences and regularly hold internal lectures as well. We also love to read and we are currently building our office library of Japanese and English books.

"It´s easy to be creative and enthusiastic about your work in such a dynamic and supporting environment."
Lead Android Developer
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