Sweet treats for the next Billion Smartphone Users


Today is the sweetest day for us to announce the launching day of PopSlide in Indonesia. The one of the largest mobile reward platforms in Southeast Asia, PopSlide. It distributes curated news, weather forecast, information and other updates to your smartphone lock screen. In return for viewing such information, users can receive rewards for free Internet access on their smartphone. How does it works? In every swipe or unlock on your phone, you will get accumulated points that can be redeemed into airtime. That’s so simple!

Free Internet to all mobile users in emerging countries, that’s what we want. Currently, there are more than 90% mobile prepaid users in Southeast Asia. Smartphones users are everywhere nowadays, but most of them can't reach the Internet because the airtime cost is still not affordable. One of YOYO's vision is to have a business model like Television and Radio, by distributing free internet they will be able to see the advertisement on their lock screen.

PopSlide is now making its name, as one of the largest reward apps in the Philippines, the first launching country. In just ten days, PopSlide reached 100K users and had been 30day Top 1 rank in Lifestyle Category in Google Play. Naming few of our clients such as Mcdonald's, Nestle, Unilever, Intel, and soon CNN Philippines.

We are growing rapidly and have reached 1 million users in total in both of PopSlide and Candy which is our another reward service.

YOYO is aiming for more in the future. Not only in Philippines and Indonesia, we are also eyeing to provide PopSlide to all emerging countries in Southeast Asia and South Asia, such as Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia and India. The total of 1.8 Million population in Southeast Asia, the potential market for PopSlide is promising. Smartphone users are rapidly growing, last 2013, there are about 140 Million Smartphone users and we assume that this coming 2018 it will be more than 480 Million users. On top of that, the Internet advertising market size last 2013 was 1 Billion, and expecting to grow rapidly for about 6 Billion this coming 2018. 

YOYO is also expanding, from five, we are twenty members now and looking for more who's smarter than us. We are looking for an Engineer who can help us to achieve our visions. We want you!

Visit our team page to explore what environment we have, and how crazy our team members are. Maybe someday you will be part of it.